PCN: AOS Product Termination AO3425/AO3425L/AO3426/ AO3426L/AO3430/AO3430L/ AO3433/AO3433L/AO3 436/ AO3436L/AO3701/AO3702/ AO3703/AO3705/AO4404AL/ AO4428L/AO4

PCN: AOS Product Termination: AO3425/AO3425L/AO3426/AO3426L/AO3430/AO3430L/
AO3433/AO3433L/AO3 436/AO3436L/AO3701/AO3702/AO3703/AO3705/AO4404AL/AO4428L/AO4

This is a necessary part of our continuous improvement process. Our goal is to offer the
greatest value and product performance to our customers and we can only achieve this if we
have the opportunity to promote and transition to our latest technologies.
We understand that this may cause some inconvenience and would like to assist you with any
applications support that may be needed to complete this transition to our recommended
alternative solution.
Our standard conditions for product termination are as follows:
  • Order entry will be permitted for a maximum of 3 months from the date of this notice.
  • Delivery scheduling can be arranged out to a maximum of 6 months from the date of this notice.
In some rare circumstances we may be forced to accelerate this process.
  • In these cases the relevant dates will be summarized by part number below.
Please refer to the list attached:

More information: PCN: AOS Product Termination AO3425/AO3425L/AO3426/AO3426L/AO3430/AO3430L/AO3433/AO3433L/AO3 436/AO3436L/AO3701/AO3702/AO3703/AO3705/AO4404AL/AO4428L/AO4