PCN: Forward surge current limits of SB3xx series

Title: Forward surge current limits of SB3xx series adjusted to industry standard

Types: SB320, SB330, SB340, SB350, SB360, SB390, SB3100

Reason of Change: The forward surge current limits, which can be found in the industry standard data sheets of most of the competition's 3A axial lead Schottky diodes – SB3xx series – show lower values than the ones currently offered by Diotec. Since this leads to confusion and a competitive disadvantage for us, this parameter has been adjusted to the industry standard.

Acceptance: This notice is distributed to Diotec’s customers and published on our website. Diotec will consider this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in writing within 30 days of issuing of this notice. If you have any questions on this notice, please contact your local Diotec Semiconductor sales representative.

Type of Change: Major

  Current New
IFSM = 150A (50Hz/10ms)
IFSM = N/A (60Hz/8.3ms)
IFSM = 87A (50Hz/10ms)
IFSM = 100A (60Hz/8.3ms)
Last time buy quantities of old version
(after sales of it the new will be supplied)
SB320: 0 pcs
SB330: 0 pcs
SB340: 34'000 pcs
SB350: 51'000 pcs
SB360: 32'300 pcs
SB390: 8'500 pcs
SB3100:51'000 pcs
In case the higher forward surge current limit is still required, an alternative would be to use the SB5xx series:
IFSM = 250A (50Hz/10ms)
IFSM = 285A (60Hz/8.3ms)

More information: PCN: Forward surge current limits of SB3xx series